Your final guide to Do's and Don's ts of Kitchen Remodel

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Think about layout.

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 kitchen remodel "width=" 550 "/> < /><p style='padding:0 4px 5px;margin:0' class=Consider these tips before starting the kitchen repair. Image: Change & Co

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You would be hard pressed to find anyone who does not have a decent dream kitchen remodel in mind. Most of us are long on that day when we finally can set up our culinary spaces. However, when this day finally arrives, Herculean task. There are so many unknowns: how do you start something like this? What improvements will customers like on the road?

If you asked yourself such questions, this post is for you. We collected the main business and do not make a successful reworking of the kitchen. Consider this chart during project planning and save it at your fingertips. Currently, repairs are underway.

<img class = ” size-full wp-image-261685 ” src = ” -work-desk.jpg ” alt = ” Think about the layout. Width = ” 550 ” />

Think about how you need your kitchen to function from day to day. Image: Going Home To Roost

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DO: Consider how you will use the space

When most people think of kitchen remodeling, they have a similar finished product: professional stainless steel appliances , granite countertops and a huge island . Although in this vision there is nothing wrong, it is important to remember that this is not the only option. than just observing the status quo, think about how your family will really use the kitchen.

Perhaps you r children are doing homework there, and you want the table to be included in the design? Maybe you often have fun and need a long dining table to accommodate guests? Regardless of your personal needs, make sure that they are part of your project plan.

<img class = ” size-full wp-image-261687 ” src = ” -black-kitchen.jpg ” alt = ” View your budget. ” Width = ” 550 ” />

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NOT: To neglect your budget

This is true for all remodeling projects, but this is especially important in kitchens. The average size of remodeling costs thousands, so you need to be sure that you are spending your money wisely. When you develop your ideal space, make two lists – a mandatory list and wish list, then evaluate each of your desired projects and compare them with your budget. In the lists you get a clearer idea of ​​where to invest the bulk of your money and where to try to save

There are many things that you can do to make your remodeling more accessible. Consider replacing cabinets, not h, provided that they completely replace or purchase your device from a wholesale supplier.

<img class = ” wp-image-261693 size-full ” src = ” -kitchen.jpg ” alt = ” Double-check the layout. "Width =" 550 "/>

Double-check the layout before proceeding with the design. Image: Category: [Жилищный дизайн]

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DO: Pay special attention to the model

. The breadboard is the decisive element of the kitchen remodel but this is one of the most missed. It does not matter how good your new refrigerator is if you can not fully open it, because your countertop interferes. In order for your new space to function like this, it must hire a contractor to help you make a working layout.

However, if you go on a DIY route – or even if you just need to relax a bit – we recommend that you preview the layout before you make any purchases. To do this, collect the measurements of all the design elements that you hope to include in the space. Then specify the appropriate length of the line to give yourself an idea of ​​how much space each element will occupy. Since you are considering how each part will fit together, be sure to include additional space for the tracks.

Always consider the repository. Image: Kitchen interiors

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NOT FORBIDDEN to store memory

Kitchens are often one of the most crowded rooms in the house. Between the kitchen equipment and the food store, homeowners often find that they do not have enough space to store the materials they need. If you are going to spend money on remodeling, make sure that you enable the options for storage which are functional and stylish.

When performing this task, the first thing you need to do is sum up your current inventory. Be honest with yourself, what items you want at hand and which only get used to in special cases. Then, brainstorm options on how to store these items as efficiently as possible. For example, you can include a cupboard for pots and pans near the stove or include a pantry that will allow easy access to afternoon snacks.

<img class = ” size-full wp-image-261677 ” src = ” -gold-accents.jpg ” alt = ” Remember the lighting. ” Width = ” 550 "

Keep the light in mind. Image: Margaret Wright Photograph

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DO: Make sure enough lighting

There are so many visual ingredients for cooking – grinding ingredients, measuring them, reading the temperature in the oven. The last thing you want is to try to perform any of these actions, trying to screw up more light. For this reason, lighting in the kitchen is one of the cases when in fact more.

Try to imagine a job in space, considering where to add lighting. Of course, you will want to turn some light on the stove, ne on the sink and on the kitchen island. Also, consider personal preferences, for example, where you will make the bulk of your ingredient preparation or if you have space for a dining area.

<img class = ” size-full wp-image-261679 ” src = ” -island.jpg ” alt = ” Turn on the visual interest. "Width =" 550 "/>

. Consider the possibility of including additional functions, such as lighting under the cabinet, to make the room a little brighter. Heidi Caillier Design

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DO NOT USE: Play too safely

Return to investments or how much money you will choose from improvement when going to sell your house is a common topic among those , who is considering the remaking of the kitchen. It is not difficult to understand why, when you think about how often customers call a renovated kitchen as a top priority. Unfortunately, although this intense focus often leads homeowners to the resolution of cookie cutter projects, we will argue that choosing a happy environment and adding a little personality will help your finished food rack

For those who think they can stay in their house for a while, the sky is the limit. Choose a colorful island or patterned floor of tiles to breathe in a little space with your personality. Those who intend to enter the real estate market in a few years can still add visual interest through their accessories. Think about adding bold lighting fixtures, patterned carpets or using furniture for applications to make your kitchen look like at home.

<img class = ” size-full wp-image-261675 ” src = ” -kitchen.jpg ” alt = ” Plan ahead. ” 550 ” />

Planning ahead will be Widell + Boschetti

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Kitchen remodeling may seem an irresistible task. Since this is often one of the most used rooms in the house and one of the most sought-after functions for resale potential, it can feel like every detail should be ideal. With a little planning, you can ensure that your vision of space fits into place. Use our tips as a guide to start a brainstorm and contact them as needed. They will help you create the necessary structure for a successful finished product.

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