Importance of scale and proportions in interior design

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 proportions and scale

Proportion and scale play a role in all our interiors. Image: JP Warren Interiors

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While much interior design is a matter of personal taste, there are several fundamental concepts that surpass the differences in style. We have already considered such concepts as the balance and color theory and now it's

Read on to find out what these principles represent, the decisive roles they play in the design, and how to incorporate them into your own interiors. These fundamentals should play a role in your next project and even help you make adjustments to existing interiors. You will be surprised.

 Design basics "width=" 550 "/> < /><p style='padding:0 4px 5px;margin:0' class=The scale and proportion are the fundamental elements of interior design. Image: ARTO

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What are the scales and proportions?

It's one thing to know that these concepts are important, but the other is to really understand what they mean and how they relate to interior design. Before going further, here is a breakdown of these two terms, and also how they differ from each other:

The scale refers to the size of one object in relation to the other. In particular, it is used when the size of at least one of the objects is known with certainty. In design, a scale is usually used to refer to the size of an object or space relative to a human body. For example, the standard table tops and chair widths are scaled to fit the average person.

Although both terms are similar and are often used interchangeably, the proportion refers to the overall size ratio between the two objects. This is what interior designers say when they describe how two objects are connected to each other in a room. For example, designers generally recommend that the coffee tables are two-thirds until they are installed on the couch.

<img class = ” size-full wp-image-262623 ” src = ” ” alt = ” golden ratio ” width = ” 550 ” />

The golden ratio is manifested in all aspects of our life, including interior design. Image: Emily McCall

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The realization of the golden relationship

For all who need to be updated, the golden ratio 1: 618 – was found again and again in nature . It is an integral part of the description of the proportions of the human body, it can be found in many famous works of art, and this is an important component of web design. Usually objects containing this are considered more aesthetically attractive, so it should not be surprising that this proportion is also the key to creating successful interiors.

Most often, you see the golden ratio applied to the layout of the room. Designers often divide a room into two parts: one occupying two-thirds of the space, and a smaller part consisting of the last third. A large section contains the main furniture of the room, which makes its main function clear. In a smaller section, secondary use is used, for example, an alternative recreation area or a storage facility.

This relationship is manifested in other subtle ways. Choosing a color palette can be much easier if you consider that shades separated by a 1: 618 ratio on the light spectrum work well together.

Mix and match these to keep things visually interesting. Image: Kate Marker Interiors

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Mix and match to create a contrast

. Nevertheless, interior design is more an art than a science. Coercion to the same relationship over and over quickly becomes boring. It is important to include contrast in order to create a visual interest in this space.

Take the above picture as an example. Each of the design elements varies in height, so you may find that your eyes are bouncing around the image, moving from subject to subject, trying to get all your sensory information. As a result, this picture probably keeps your attention longer than the image in which all elements of design merge.

Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast rule on how to bring this contrast. This skill, as a rule, refers to people when they say that someone has an "eye for design". When connecting the room, check the proportion between the two objects by taking a step back. If the location of seems correct leave it as it is.

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Going beyond

Usually, when we discuss the scale and proportion in interior design, we are talking about larger design elements, However, this is only part of the equation. These concepts should play a role in almost all aspects of the design of the room, up to the location of your accessories.

Wall art is one of the areas where achieving the proper proportion is especially important. As a rule, a work of art should occupy 4/7 of the space on which it hangs. the faction can be stiff to wrap the head, try to measure the width of the wall and multiply this number by 0.57, which is 4/7 in the form of a decimal fraction. The result of this equation is the ideal width for your work.

It is also important to consider the location of your accessories, especially when working with racks and other stepped surfaces. Here you will want to create a contrast again. Try to organize groups of decor items in different heights and directions. For best results, adhere to odd-numbered factions, as they tend to be more aesthetic.

<img class = ” size-full wp-image-262629 ” src = ” -room-scale-2.jpg ” alt = ” scale and proportion "width =" 550 "/>

Look at the proportion and Murphy & Co. Design

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There are several fundamental interior design concepts that should play a role in every room in your home, regardless of your personal style. and the proportion of your design elements is one of them. Use the tips given above to bring this principle into your interiors. With just a few small changes, you can make your projects instantly look and feel much more professional.

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