How to trim your house for the first time (without breaking the bank)

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Here's How To Furnish Your Home For The Very First Time

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 The furnishings of your first home.

The setting of your first house requires a little creativity. Image: helsingHouse Fastighetsmäklare]

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You, finally, he did – met a huge milestone and bought your first home, and then it beats you. The house requires much more furniture than a tiny apartment. How should you fill the whole space?

If you suddenly had a need for the whole house full of furniture to rush, this post is for you. We made up our best advice on how to secure your home without breaking the bank's work. Follow our advice and your new home will become a home you know it.

 Use what you have. " width=

See if you can reuse all the items that you already have. Image: Modern production | Spaces

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Rate your current inventory

. Like all of us, we would like to present our new house with completely new Pinterest-board furniture for most of us, this is not a realistic option. While some fresh items are likely to be needed, you will not be able to get a true idea of ​​what is needed, without taking into account available stocks, especially if you unite households with your significant other for the first time .

To do this, sit down and take a close look at everything that you have. Start with the basic pieces of furniture, and then go to smaller objects, such as textiles and accessories. Evaluate each subject depending on its usefulness, condition and whether it corresponds to your sense of personal style. Make a list and divide the fragments into one of three categories: Keep, Unsure and Donate / Discard.

After you have determined the first two categories, review them again. This time, decide where each element will be placed in your new home. Be aware of and consider alternatives from your last life situation.

 Make a list of priorities. Width=

Create a list of priorities Lisa Petrole Photography

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Since buying a house is such a large expense, people usually have limited budget for when they move. This, coupled with the excitement of designing their own premises for the first time, can lead to some costly mistakes. Either new homeowners will go into debt, giving the house an inverted make-up, or they blow the entire budget makes one room flawless to the last detail and has no money for other basic necessities.

It does not need it this way. That secret interior designers do not want you to know: it's perfectly normal to supply the house with a piece in pieces, rather than walking one room at a time. Although you probably want to make sure that you have several essentials – a bed, chest of drawers, a sofa and a dining table – are available when moving, the rest can be bought over time.

After assessing the inventory, determine what is missing. List the elements that you need to fill out for your home, ranking them in order of priority. Then, take some time to decide how much you can, realistically, spend on furniture and make purchases accordingly. Keep the list on hand, so you can refer to it whenever you have extra money to spend.

Find expensive items for sale. Image: Cortney Bishop Design

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Source of expensive second-hand items

Keep in mind that there are many ways to provide your home without going to expensive high-end stores. If the new furniture does not fit into your budget in the foreseeable future, it's time to show creativity. Fortunately, there are many ways to find available pieces of used. All you need is a sharp eye.

Find stores and consignment stores in your area and visit them regularly to get an idea about changing their inventory. Check out Craigslist and other sites for sale. Pay attention to publications for local shops and flea markets. It may also be a good idea for friends and family to know that you need it. You never know who might want to offer a few hand launches.

Be sure to give any used items that confirm them before agreeing to take them home. Make sure that they have all the necessary details, they are structurally sound and clean enough. Do everything possible to make the original items consistent with your personal style, but keep in mind that they do not have to be an exact match.

 Embrace DIY

Make your furniture to get the look you want. Image: Scandinavian Houses

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Do it yourself rally

If you are ready to make a little extra effort, you can make separate pieces from furniture look as if they are part of the corresponding set. Where furniture, in most cases all that is needed, is the correct DIY textbook and several layers of paint.

To take this off, your first step is to find inspiration in design. Find a few interior design sites, such as Freshome, until you find a few photos that demonstrate the aesthetics that you love. k for video or walkthrough, which clearly describes this process.

 Finishing the first house «width=" 550 »< /><p style='padding:0 4px 5px;margin:0' class=. Furnishing your first home can be as easy as following the following steps. Image: From The Hip Photo

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Finding out how to secure your home for the first time can be stunning. Suddenly you find yourself with much more space and do not fill out anything. Remember these tips before you enter and remodel your house from top to bottom. With our help, you can design the interior of your new home in a way that makes sense.

Do you have any advice on providing the first home? What questions do you need to answer? Tell us in the comments!

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